Bathtub Beauty: 5 Ways Your Business Can Celebrate Bathtub Party Day

With our hectic schedules, we are not often able to relax and appreciate a soothing bath. Put off that relaxing event no longer! Turn on the faucet, throw in a bath bomb, put on some smooth jazz, and celebrate official (belated) Bathtub Party Day!

Although we are a little late to the party, official Bathtub Day was yesterday, December 5th. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the beauty that is being able to take a relaxing bath. So let’s celebrate as if we never missed such an important occasion!

This is your day to take advantage of your unused tub and give it a little love. Since it is a certified holiday, Campbell Paper Company would love to help. Whether your personal tub or your business need, we have the items for you. Here are a few of our products that can help you rub-a-dub-dub those tubs.

We Have 5 Perfect Items for Your Business to Make the Most of Bathtub Day!

Find our bathroom products here if you want to see a full selection. If you are curious about our prices, we are flexible and willing to work with all our customers to fit their needs! Follow the links in the titles to view our full selections!


1. Gloves: You Might Not Want to Touch That 

As with anything, if you have the right tools for the job, everyone’s life is easier. The same holds true for cleaning that tub! Protecting you digits and making sure you have the most flexibility are crucial in creating a spotless bath. We have just the gloves for you!

Try our Latex Chemical Resistant Gloves! They are perfect for dealing with the hefty chemicals needed to make your tub bath ready! They come 12pairs to a box. Plus, the latex ensures an easy clean during and after.


If you want to find this product on our website, follow this HERE.


2. Sprays: Suds Before the Bubbles

Gloves won’t be much use without something to prep the cleaning surface with. Here are a few of our tile and cleaning solutions perfect for hardy stains and grungy grout.

Option 1:

Here is a classic bathroom cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles Multi-Surface Cleaner. If you need to clean the sink or the tub, this spray is perfect! Sold in 25 oz. aerosol cans in cases of 12, this spray is perfect for your all bathroom needs.  You can find it HEREsop

Option 2:

For those hardy stains and tubs that just won’t clean, we have our Spartan Clean on the Go! For Light to Medium use, this cleaner is great for your helping the masses enjoy Bathtub Day or just enjoying it any day of the week by helping your bathroom shine. This product is great for jobs big and small! Find it HERE.


Option 3:

We even sell a Lysol Disinfectant for good measure after the deep cleaning is done! Find HERE.


3.  Scrubbers: That Tub Needs to Shine

So you have the gloves and cleaner spray but what to scrub it with? Here are some great companions for your stock!

Option 1:

This hardy scratcher is perfect for bringing out the young tub hidden inside your current one! Just be careful, this pad holds quite the punch. A commercial pad, the green beast has 20 to a box and 3 boxes to a case! Find it HERE.



Option 2:

So yes, it is also green but a little more versatile. For those less strenuous tasks, here is the ever useful medium-duty dual scrubber and sponge! 20 packs a carton, this sponge is just what you need! Take a look HERE.


4. Amenities: Forget the Soap?

Oh no! Did you forget the soap or shampoo and now can’t fully celebrate the holiday? Well, here you go! We have a wide selection of bar soaps HERE and shampoo/soaps HERE!

Option 1: 

However, for your quick reference, this soap perfect for everyday or special day! A great product for community centers or a lovely bed and breakfast. Ivory is 99.44% clean and simple. Sold as a 4 pack, you can get this fresh bar soap in as large as 18 packs to a case. Take a peek HERE.


Option 2:

If you are good on the soap, we have shampoo as well! Whether you are looking for small bottles to stock your cabinet, an easy pump bottle, or dispenser, we have every kind.

If you are looking for an all in one, Kutol Foaming Body and Hair is for you! It’s Aloe Fragrance is a lovely addition to its long-lasting volume size. You get 8 full bottles in a case! See it for yourself HERE.


5. Scented Oil: Atmosphere is Everything

What is a relaxing bath without the aroma to match? We have the scent you need! With many different diffusion options, take a peek at our link in the title to see our full selection and more. We would love to assist in setting the mood for your relaxing bath or bathroom abode.

Option 1: 

A lovely option for your bathroom is this Hawaiian Blossom scented oil! A refillable warmer, this product can change the feel of any room and set the mood for your much-deserved bath time. You can buy this delightful smell as a single unit HERE.



Option 2:

Or take a peek at this gel odor eliminator and freshener HERE. Just a cool and clean scent to spice it up a little.



Well, that is all we have to help you have a wonderful post-Bathtub day. If you ever need us, you know where to find us if we can help with your facility or janitorial need!

Happy Bubbles everyone!


The Campbell Family.






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